Knowledge is not meant to fill minds. It’s intended to open them. Today, we’re all connected, but no one is connecting. In their relentless efforts to bridge the gap within the country and beyond, the Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF) has created several initiatives geared towards developing the socio-economic landscape of Bangladesh. As a part of the celebration of their 12th Year Anniversary, on the 27th of April 2019, they organized their flagship event, “Beximco presents the 8th BBF Seminar, powered bv AIUB, at the Grand Ballroom of Le Meredian.

Themed on “Creating Human Connections in the Age of the Digital”, this year around 300 corporate professionals attended the seminar. The program highlighted 3 Keynote Sessions, 5 Panel Discussions, 2 Insight Sessions, and 1 Breakout Session, with a total of 23 speakers from various parts of the world, who shared their valuable experiences.

Dr. Prem N Shamdasani, the Associate Professor of Marketing and Academic Director (Executive MBA) at the National University of Singapore, Brian Collins, the Former Chairman & CCO of Brand & Innovation, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide and CCO & Founder of Collins, and Thomas Barta, the Dean of the McKinsey Leadership Program and Columnist for Forbes Marketing Week and author of a bestselling book, “The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader” were the revered keynote speakers for the sessions. AIUB was honored as one of the patrons of BBF over the years, with a Token of Appreciation presented to Ms. Nadia Anwar, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Vice President of Student Affairs, and Founder Member of AIUB.

The intriguing panel discussions focused on several significant issues like the digital transformation of brands, brands focus on purpose or positioning, finding the sweetest spot among data, creativity, privacy, and value creation, the short-term and long-term debate in the era of now moment, and the importance of brands in the sustainability battle. AIUB is proud to be a part of the amazing journey of BBF, supporting their efforts to redirect the trajectory of the country’s growth for the years to come, in hope of building a brighter future for a better Bangladesh.

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