Library Facilities

The library of AIUB is the collection of the knowledge and built up a balanced and rich collection in Business Administration, Science and Technology, Computer, Arts and Social Science. It is an open library system to students of AIUB, which provides rich collection of books including journals, newsletter, thesis works, audio-visual materials and CD's. The total collection of the library is about 50,000 including printed and unprinted resources. The library can accommodate more than 525 students at a time. AIUB library has "Library Management System" the software which has been created by university IT department and now the system is operational. There are ten terminals through which the students and faculty can search for and locate books that they require. Students ID cards stand as library card. The library is operating on an extensive schedule from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm from Saturday to Thursday, 3:00 pm to 07:00 pm on Friday and 11:00 am to 03:00 pm on Saturday. Apart from this, the university has established campus library at campus 2 & 7 with seating capacity of 40-45 students. The campus library is established with an intention to extend and diversify the service of the central library. The purpose of the campus library is to provide all kind of necessary services, related to library, to the students of different departments located in the respective campuses. The campus library remains open from 9 am to 5 pm. At each campus library, computer with LMS facility is provided for searching the materials. There is also a person assigned for managing the library operations of each campus library and supervised by the Central Library Librarian.

To know more about AIUB Library, please visit: Co-curricular activities
Outside the academic arena, AIUB thrives for brilliance in numerous co-curricular activities. Some of the activities undertaken in the previous years are the AIUB Inter-University Programming Contest, Inter-School & Inter-University Debate Competition, Business Plan competition, AIUB Cup Cricket, Study Tours to India and Singapore, Job Fair, Round Table Discussion on the theme: The Nursing Profession in Bangladesh: Challenges and Opportunities, Lecture Series  in honor of the Founder Chairman Dr. Anwarul Abedin highlighting distinguished speakers in the field of business and socio-cultural development. Seminar on Small Enterprise and other professional development activities were also undertaken. We have several student clubs like

  • AIUB Oratory Club (AOC)
  • AIUB Drama Club (ADC)
  • AIUB Performing Arts Club (APAC)
  • AIUB Art Club (AAC)
  • AIUB Business Club (ABC)
  • AIUB Photography Club (APC)
  • AIUB Computer Club (ACC)
  • AIUB Social Welfare Club - Shomoy
  • AIUB Film Club (AFC)
  • IEEE - Student Chapter
  • AIUB Foreign Students Association
  • Academic Counseling: Each faculty member is required to provide additional academic assistance and guidance outside the class hours.
  • Office of Placement & Alumni: Separate placement office to assist students to find challenging and growth oriented employment and internship.
  • Office of Student Affairs: Coordinates controls and initiates external and internal student activities.
  • Office of Probation: Provides special academic counseling to students with academic need or deficiency.
  • Office of Planning and Development: Involved with long term university development and strategic planning.
  • Office of Research and Publications: Coordinates academic research and publication of AIUB Journal of Business and Economics and AIUB Journal of Science and Engineering.
  • International Affiliation: Affiliation with several universities and organizations world-wide.
  • Securities: Security facilities include 24 hours in-house security personnel. Monitoring is accomplished through CC TV.
  • Authorized Pearson VUE testing center for GMAT, UKCAT and LNET. IT Vendor Certification for CISCO, SUN, Microsoft etc.
  • Authorized testing center for TOEFL, IBT.
It takes a mother to give birth to a child, it takes a family to grow the child, and it takes a university to fully blossom the child's potential. With the guidance of the Management and the committed faculty and staff, AIUB continues in its effort to enhance its student’s intellect, and inflict upon them minds without fear - so much needed to become true leaders - the ultimate goal of AIUB.


Information Communication Technology provides general-access computing and communications facilities for the entire University community, including a high-speed campus network linked to the Internet, computing labs, and central e-mail services
Information Communication Technology (ICT) department manages the university's computing facilities. We have ten (17) powerful server configured on different platform such as Windows AS/2000, Linux, AIX-Windows, and OS/400. Each of these servers has its purpose for running the entire operation of IT Department. Beside this server, there are more than 1000 latest Pentium 4 PC workstation that are interconnected using a fiber optic backbone runs from 100/1000 Mbps bandwidth. Some of the campuses are connected to our main distribution facility using a radio link and wireless technology because of a difficulty in the cable connection. With a centrally design local area and wide area networking, our resources, file and printer sharing can be easily manage.
We have nine (9) computer laboratories and each has 40 units workstation connected to our gigabit backbone. Different platform can be used from Windows to UNIX-based system with an internet and e-mail access available anytime. Faculty and staff have their own PC to have our services available for them. In addition, a dedicated Sun Solaris Lab was installed with Sun Ray Server and 40 units of workstation.
Our internet and e-mail facility uses our own 6 Mbps up-link and down-link which directly connected to Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB). These services are available from our campus for our student, staff, faculty and management.
Our operation is supported by a customized software was developed by our student under the supervision of the IT Manager. For managing student record and academic operations, University Management System (UMS) which is comprises of University Registration Management System (URMS), Virtual University Management System (VUMS), Campus Jobs (, Document Management System (DMS), Student Grade Management System (SGMS), Library Management System (LMS), Inventory Management System (IMS), Training Management System (TMS), Human Resource Management system (HRMS) and Class Routine Management System (CRMS). Our department is also engage in training and development. We have CISCO Networking Academy, HP IT Essentials as part of the program. CISCO curriculum is strictly followed to ensure that the student met the international standard of networking technology in the market, We have MSDN Academic Alliance, Microsoft IT Academy, Sun Microsystems, and recently acquired ORACLE Academy for University Students. Pearson VUE provides electronic licensure, certification, academic admission and government testing services in a variety of markets throughout the world. Last January, 2006 the Pearson VUE selected and authorized AIUB to deliver GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) examination online on its initial stage. Computer certification (i.e. Microsoft Certification, CISCO Certification, etc.) will be conducted in our testing center in due time. With the fast paced changing technology, the IT department ensures that the computing facilities are updated all the time.

Laboratory Facilities

American International University-Bangladesh recognizes the fact that a quality engineering education requires quality laboratories. In that direction the Faculty of Engineering features as many as 16 state-of-the-art engineering laboratories for the Electrical and Electronic and the Computer Engineering students. The laboratories range from the basic fields of electrical circuits (2 labs), electrical machines (2 labs), electrical appliances, analog electronics (2 labs) and digital electronics and logic design (2 labs) to the more advanced and specialized areas of power and industrial electronics, control systems, microprocessor and i/o systems, computer networks and system architecture, telecommunications, microwave engineering and VLSI. These high quality laboratories, each equipped with no less than 6 workbenches for a capacity of 24 students, not only provide the engineering students with the required support a rigorous engineering program demands but also exceed those requirements quite substantially. Because of the knowledge they will acquire in the laboratories, after successful completion of the undergraduate programs in Electrical and Electronic or Computer Engineering the students will learn to apply modern electrical or computer engineering techniques, tools, and practices to solve technological problems and challenges of the future to meet the needs of the society.
The Department of Architecture at present has 7 full-fledged design studios. Students in the Bachelor of Architecture are benefited from these modern and spacious design studios as they realize their creative ideas uninhibited. The department is further expanding its studio facilities. The resources also include exhibition space, jury lounge, computer lab etc. Chemistry Laboratory AIUB has two modern Chemistry Laboratories equipped with high quality analytical instruments involving the basics of physical and inorganic chemistry suitable for standard undergraduate level. The laboratory having the capacity of 40 students is ideal for practical exercises in 8 groups. As a core subject for B. Sc. Engineering degree in Computer and Electrical & Electronics, students are presently being performed a good number of experiments based on the theory. The experiments are for example- acid-base titration, redox titration and estimation of Cu, Fe, Ca etc. and conductometric analyses. After successful completion of the course students will be able to understand and solve the basic chemistry related problems with special reference to the properties of elements, acid-base concepts, electrical & thermal properties of the solutions etc. and will find them confident in their future academic and working positions. Physics Laboratory In subjects like Physics, the laboratory work, popularly known as practical classes, is no less important than the theoretical lectures. In performing an experiment in the laboratory, students are required to revise thoroughly the ideas and the principles involved in the experiment which were explained by the teachers in the theoretical classes. Thus practical classes serve as a sort of revision exercises of the theoretical lectures and at the same time provide students a hands-on-experience about the underlying principles of the theoretical knowledge gained in the theory classes. Moreover, laboratory work provides students a training to present scientific and experimental data in a methodical and coherent fashion which is very much needed for future writing of scientific [ or technical ] reports and papers. It also prepares students about the methods of experiments to measure unknown quantities and draw conclusion from them. The university has two state of art Physics Laboratory, with modern equipments for Laboratory Classes [Physics Lab. I and Physics Lab. II] to perform experiments on the theoretical ideas delivered to them in the Physics I [General properties of matter, heat & thermodynamics and mechanics] and Physics II [Electricity, magnetism, waves & oscillations and optics] courses. Language Laboratory The University has a language laboratory mainly used in English classes to enhance the verbal and listening skills of the students. The laboratory can hold 40 students at a time. Mandatory practical laboratory class in AIUB Language ensures that students get effective training in English as a foreign language. Recreational Complex To make the students, academic and non-academic staff physically fit and sound, the university has a gymnasium equipped with modern equipment for physical exercise and body building. It has 5 tread mills, 3 EFX, 2 cycling, 2 multi-gym body master, 2 cross cable, 1 lift press, 1 body machine and 1 strobar. The university students may use the gymnasium (individual fitness equipment) on a monthly fee basis. The university has a common room equipped with tennis and carom board facilities. Prayer Room- The University has a general chapel for any student seeking spiritual assistance.


The auditorium serves as an activity room for extra curricular activities. The auditorium can hold 210 people. The auditorium is used to hold seminars, meetings, also for special classes, Business Presentation and the like. It is equipped with state of the art facilities

Students Health Services

The students Health Center provides free consulting and first aid treatment of minor injuries and sickness. Il also provides first aid treatment to emergency cases. Proper materials/medicines and equipments are available at the Health center. The Health Center also holds programs and activities for health awareness.

Hostel Facilities

The university offers housing for international students and out-of-Dhaka students. There are separate housing for male and females. For more information , contact Office of Student Affairs.

Security Services

The university is physically secured and protected by a security force. The security force is equipped with state of the art for the purpose of fulfilling their duties. CCTV to monitor student activities surround the premises. For More Information