Message From The Chairman

The progress of the American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB) has been a matter of true honor and great pride to witness. We have come a long way since we started off with just 4 rented-classrooms and 7 students – today, we boast a diverse talented pool of over 10, 000 students, with a steady growth in intake every semester, gaining national and international recognition and acknowledgement on various fields across the academic and administrative boards, operating on a full-scale on our very own premises, with fully equipped classrooms and state-of-the-art facilities sprawled over 12 acres that has become one of the most photographed campus in the country. It gives you a sense of belonging, yet with a commitment to strive for greatness and to aim for more. As one of the established private universities in Bangladesh, our journey has not only seen prized accomplishments, but challenges and uncertainty as well. There is a beauty of patterns in designs amidst the turmoil of chaos and change. And if you are willing enough to learn the lessons, pay attention to details, and keep pushing forward, with perseverance, you can create a pattern that can predict and pave the way for the future. We never dreamed of success, we worked for it with sincerity and dedication.

The biggest challenge in life today, especially for young students in our country, is to make their mark in a world that is conformed, competitive, and crowded. Innovation is the currency of progress – everyone must pursue the need to be different and excel to create their own place in a global race. It is a borderless world by definition, and it is by these risk-takers, those who question the status-quo, that the world around us is inevitably shaped. And at AIUB, we believe in enabling and encouraging students to do just that. The leaders of tomorrow must understand real-life issues, tackle the problems head-on, with out-of-the-box thinking, and resolve them - whether that is the basics of arts, business, engineering, and science, or in the complexities of internationalization and digital transformation. Besides pioneering quality assurance of higher education in Bangladesh and achieving accreditation for all its academic programs from international and national bodies, AIUB was one of the first institutions to acquire the ISO-certification for administrative management. While both its academic and administrative operations on campus have long been digitally-enhanced, undergoing continuous development, AIUB was the first private universities in Bangladesh to go virtual, making the paradigm shift for all its classes for all 4 Faculties online within 4 days of the initial pandemic outbreak in the country. In our pursuit of upholding the legacy left behind by our Founder Chairman, the Late Dr. Anwarul Abedin, we will continue to work towards taking AIUB to greater heights. Together with our entire team of academic and administrative officials, I hope to be able to carry forward the tradition of continuous improvement, holistic development, and sustainable progress at AIUB – where leaders are created.

Dr. Hasanul A. Hasan
Chairman, Board of Trustees
American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)