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AIUB Accounting and Finance Week 2011

< table> < table> Inauguration:
The Department of Accounting and the Department of Finance jointly organized AIUB Accounting and Finance Week 2011 from 20th-to 24th November 2011.The program was inaugurated at 11:00 AM by the Vice Chancellor of the university, Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna. Ms. Nadia Anwar, Founder and Vice President Student Affairs, Dr. Charles C. Villanueva, Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, Dr. Nisar Ahmed, Director, MBA program and Dr. Ehsanul Huda Chowdhury, Director, BBA programs, department heads and other faculty members were also present at the inauguration ceremony. Following the inauguration, the faculty members and students brought out a colorful rally which was also led by the honorable Vice Chancellor.  The rally started from the main entrance of Campus 1 and campus 5 and roaming around Campus 2 and finally ended at Banani Club Field where faculty members of both Accounting and Finance along with Dean of FBA, and Directors of Both BBA and MBA programs took part in a friendly soccer match. Day 1:
Various programs and activities were organized in the week. In the first day, Stock Bangladesh Ltd. demonstrated various mechanisms financial tools to assess stock price. For MBA students the firm delivered a lecture on fundamental and technical aspects of stock valuation. Day 2:
The second day was fitting of talents in Quiz Contest, Debate and Seminar. Mr. Asad Khan, Managing Director, Prime Finance and Investment Ltd. presented the current status and future of the non-banking financial institutions in Bangladesh with special emphasize on lease financing. An exhibition was held in the study area with posters designed by students focusing on various themes of Accounting and Finance. Day 3:
Noteworthy, among programs organized in the day three were talk show and movie show. In a stimulating talk show, Mr. Yawer Sayeed, Managing Director and CEO, AIMS of Bangladesh Limited, Mr. Tareque Moudud, Director, Office of Placement and Alumni took part in a very informative and interactive talk show on the Future of Capital Market in Bangladesh. Students also enjoyed ‘Boiler Room’ in the Movie Show on the day. Day 4:
The final round of the Quiz Contest and Debate competition were organized in the day four. Among 48 groups competed in the quiz, 4 groups reached the final round. In the debate competition, students debated on the issue of “Investors ignorance is the main reason for losing money in the stock market.” In a very tough competition, finally the groups against the proposition won the contest. In day 4, one of the most exciting events took place was the Alumni session. A number of 14 alumni who are now holding lucrative positions in various reputed organizations was invited to share their experience with the students. Students were particularly benefited from the alumni, learning various ways to prepare themselves for the job market and how to cope up with the new corporate environment. Closing:
The final day of the week was opened by the Dean, Faculty of Business Administration expressing his appreciation and satisfaction of the outcome of the celebration. Following the remarks, Professor T. Hossain, Vice President Academics, gave away the certificates and crests to the champions and winners of various events. The exciting Accounting and Finance Week 2011 ended with a very colorful and cheerful cultural event which included songs, dance, and concert, and other programs. Results of the Accounting and Finance Week Debate Contest:
Runner up:
  1. Mahmud Jahir
  2. Nazifa Nusrat Ahmed
  3. Laila Arjuman
  1. Sourov Roy
  2. Islam Md. Mirajul
  3. Nafesa Nuruddin
Result of Accounting and Finance Week Poster Contest:
Second Runner up:
  1. Sikder, Md. Touhiduzzaman                                               
  2. Ahmed, Syed A.N. Galib       
First Runner up:
  1. Niger Sultana
  2. Saima Shahinoor
  1. Zannat, Mahbuban
  2. Ishita Rumana Afrin
Results of the Accounting and Finance Week Quiz Contest:
Second Runner up:
  1. Rahman Mohammed Mashiur
  2. Rahman Md. Mostafizur