Business principles are only as good as the practices that can back them up. And it’s those very practiced principles of businesses across the world that we read, examine, and learn from in books, or more specifically, in case studies. The industry benchmarks that set an organization apart from the rest, the the solution that overcame a challenge, creativity that revolutionized the industry itself – the makings of a classic case analysis. And it is this very notion of utilizing theoretical frameworks into practical applications to address the various issues that a business faces throughout its lifetime, that the AIUB Business Club (ABC) organized their 2nd Case Storm 2019, powered by Finnovation, an inter-college and intra-AIUB case competition. The program was a constructive platform for bright young minds to showcase their potential to unravel complex business crisis and critical scenarios. Introducing case analysis to aspiring talented college students, the Case Storm 2019 was made include college-level participants for the first time. With Smartifier Ltd. as the Education Partner, Jamuna TV, Jago FM, and Daily Observer as the Media Partners, Foodpanda and Gowala as the Support Partners, and Shuttle as the Special Partner, the aim of the competition was to raise the bar of critical analysis and strategic thinking and the result was overwhelming.


After week-long registrations, the program held its Grooming Session for both college and university participants on the 27th of November 2019, followed by the Battle Round for college students and the Preliminary, Secondary, And Final Round for the university students held across a span of 2 weeks. Each round analyzed a different case, with a separate judge panel for each, enriching the experience for the future business leaders even more. The final case analysis and presentation was held on the 7th of December 2019, narrowing down the pool to the Top 5 teams from both college and university level participants. The Closing Ceremony hosted the Chairman of Finnovation Ltd., Mr. Syed Najmus Saquib, along with the Director of Finnovation Ltd. Mr. Mashfiqur Rahman Rashedi, the Director of Business Development at Parallaxlogic Infotech, Mr. Salman Monzur Chowdhury, the Director at Parallaxlogic Infotech Salman Muntasir Chowdhury, the Assistant Manager at Parallaxlogic Infotech, Tanvir Hossain Ratul, and the Research Associate from Build, Ms. Sara Tasmeen. Dr. Nisar Ahmed, the Director of the Graduate Program in the Faculty of Business Administration at AIUB, presided over the prize-giving ceremony.


Both college and university participants put up quite a competition, with each team proving their mettle in case analysis, making it difficult for the judge panels to narrow it down. But in the end, the best of the best won. The 2nd Runners Up in the college-level was “Team BN Meghna” from the Bangladesh Navy College, while “Team Aim” from Notre Dame College became the 1st Runners Up, as the “Team Challengers” from the Gulshan Commerce College won the title as Champions in the Case Storm 2019. Amongst the university participants from AIUB, “Team Xenon” became the 2nd Runners Up, “Team 4 Horsemen” became the 1st Runners Up, while “Team Cre-ed” won the title as the Champions. All participants received a Certificate of Participation, while the winners were awarded Certificates of Achievement and Crests for their accomplishment. The event came to an end with a versatile cultural program by the AIUB Performing Arts Club (APAC), which was thoroughly enjoyed by the participants, all of whom seemed to be eagerly awaiting their next big opportunity. AIUB has proudly witnessed the great initiatives from ABC, and looks forward to seeing its students grow and develop even more with the club in the semesters to come.

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