The American International University-Bangladesh organized a simple, elegant but meaningful program to honor and remember the beloved Dr. Anwarul Abedin. The Program had 2 parts with  some memorial songs and poem were rendered by selected employees of the university in remembrance of the founder and Chairman of AIUB. Offering of flowers by the Founders, Board of Trustees, Deans, Academic and Nonacademic Directors as a manifestation of reverence and respect  constituted the 1st part while the second part was the Milad led by an Imam. The program was capped with the Words of Thanks exemplified by  Dr. Hasanul A Hasan and Ms. Nadia Anwar, his two of the three children present during the event. For some important and urgent commitment, Mr. Isthiaque Abedin , the second son and the present Chairman of the Board of Trustees  could not be present during the program. Dr. Hasan and Madam Nadia  expressed  heartfelt thanks to their beloved father by underscoring  the  goodness, care and love which inspired and guided them to continue the vision and legacy of their beloved  father, foremost of these  is the permanent campus of AIUB which now stands as a magnificent landmark. Dr. Hasan exhorts everyone to demonstrate unconditional love to our parents while they are still alive or else they will be truly missed when they are gone and joined Allah. The Honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna was still  indisposed and could not also join the event. On her behalf, the Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr. Charles C. Villanueva offered a fervent prayer of peace and happiness. The vote of thanks was also expressed by Dr. Hasan on behalf of the officers and staff of the university who have rendered their precious time and efforts to be able the permanent campus stand as it is. Ms. Farheen Hassan, Director, BBA Program steered the program to its end.

Dr. Anwarul Abedin, a name that symbolizes the values of love and persistence, an inspiration for education loving people; a vision for tomorrow’s success, a leader to reckon with.

His passion has challenged his family to continue what he dreamed of.

It has transcend into the hearts and minds of every member of the AIUB family.

Truly a man of legacy with inherent desire to promote quality, excellence and world class higher education.

The present status of AIUB, as a permanent landmark in the heart of Dhaka, is a living proof of his vision which is now being shared and enjoyed by the academic community.

The foundation is already strong but it will still continue to expand and reach out those who have not benefitted from the educational programs and services of AIUB.

Dr.Anwarul Abedin, your legacy and spirit will continue to scatter sunshine broadcast where ever you are now.

You will continue to be a guiding force for all of us in AIUB.

May the Almighty Allah, in His  gentle care and loving heart, grant you eternal peace and happiness.  


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