Team AIUB Intellects I and AIUB Intellects II consisting of students from EEE department, won the the champion and 1st runners up position respectively among 37 teams from different university in the event of Inter University Software & Hardware Carnival – 2018. The event was organized by Software and Hardware club, CSE UAP (University of Asia Pacific).  The contest was on building an autonomous line follower robot and completing their given task. Team member of AIUB Intellects I are Mr. Omor Hasan Al Boshir (Student, Dept. of EEE) and Mr. Farhan Hossain Shakal (Student, Dept. of EEE). Member of team AIUB Intellects II are Mr. Sagor Saha (Student, Dept. of EEE) and Mr. Chowdhury Md Ayub Ali (Student, Dept. of EEE).

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