As part of its unique outreach program, the Department of English successfully held a speaking competition named “English in Action: Public Speaking Contest” through its English Speaking Club at the country’s premier institution Notre Dame College on 30 November 2011. Moderator of the Notre Dame English Club Father George Kamal Rozario, CSC and other English teachers cordially welcomed the AIUB team with flower bouquets. The team comprised Dr. Faheem Shahed (Department Head), Ms. Shaila Ahmed, Mr. Asif Kamal and Mr. Debasish Biswas (faculty members of AIUB’s English Department) as well as 18 students of BA English program. They were then introduced to the Principal Father Benjamin Costa, CSC, and the Vice Principal Father Stanislaus Bakul Rozario, CSC, both of whom heartily appreciated this noble venture on AIUB’s part. They were very happy to learn that a sizable number of Notredamians have been related to AIUB—including its topmost management, faculty members and students. They expressed strong optimism that all sorts of English-related collaborative activities (like creative writing workshops & contests, English teacher training programs, debate competitions etc) would regularly continue between AIUB and Notre Dame College. Dr. Faheem handed over to them some gifts items and flower bouquets on behalf of AIUB’s Vice Chancellor Dr. Carmen Z Lamagna. The main event, i.e. the ‘English in Action: Public Speaking Contest’, was an extremely vibrant and hard-fought affair. Enjoyed by a house-full audience, 10 top public speakers of the College displayed their outstanding skills in 4 different topics. It was amazing to watch how these young people exhibited their capabilities of effective public speaking—both verbally and non-verbally. Prior to the main event, Mr. Asif Kamal and Ms. Shaila Ahmed highlighted AIUB’s English Department’s role in promoting creative co-curricular activities and subsequently AIUB’s commitment toward enhancing leadership abilities among the youngsters. After the contest, Mr. Debasish Biswas furthered the spirit of the house with his remarkable rendering of Shah Abdul Karim’s all-time hit ‘Aage ki shubdor din kataitam’. Finally certificates to all participants and special awards to the Champion, 1st and 2nd Runners Up were distributed amid great enthusiasm. Notre Dame English Club later entertained the AIUB team with refreshments.
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