HR department organized a tour to Basil, Valuka, Mymensing

On Thursday 7th of April, 2011, Strategic Marketing class of Marketing department and NGO Development class of HR department organized a tour to Basil, Valuka, Mymensing where they were exposed to the activities of a Project called ‘UNMESH’. UNMESH is a well known project by ARIWAIME system in that region for its sustainable development activities using local resources to generate and recycle revenues within the community. It has also a new marketing system where local resources (human and natural) being tapped to explore the maximum output for the whole community by centralizing the communities resources i.e. agro based products and distribute it to mass market.  Mr. A. Alam former UN diplomat briefly introduced the whole project to the students and showed the pilot project in that region. Towards the end of the tour students were also given a task to perform a reality show where each stage was introduced with general knowledge questions from History to Science, from Music to Business and from all corners of academia. Champions of the reality show were recognized and given prizes. Ziaul Hoq of Marketing Department, Shafiul Azam of Finance department, Rana D. Mazumder of HR department and Azad Ashraf of Marketing department guided the study tour. The tour was organized by Mr.Azad Ashraf and Mr. Rana D. Mazumder  with the support of The head of the Marketing Department Mr. Rashed Chowdhury, and BBA director Dr. Ehsanul Huda. A team of 10 volunteers also helped the day long tour. Dip, Debashish, Samdani, Injamanul, Nawajish, Tammam, Joy, Mohim, Tanvir, and Aftab were in the team. Sustainable Engineering.Ca and ARIWAIME system ltd also partially sponsored the tour.