IAPE 2011: Intra-AIUB Photography Exhibition 2011

Frame-Focus-Click AIUB Photography Club (AIUBPC) organized their first even external exhibition ‘Intra-American International University-Bangladesh Photography Exhibition 2011’ at the Drik Gallery, Dhanmodi from September 30 to December 2, 2011. 48 pictures taken by 26 photographers were selected for exhibition out of a submission of around 400 photos by the renowned judges- Saud Al Faisal & Ahmed Sharif (Photographers of ‘Through the Lens’).  On behalf of Ms. Nadia Anwar, Founder & Vice President, Student Affairs of AIUB, Mr. Manzur H Khan, Director, OSA was present at the opening ceremony along with Mr. Andrew Biraj, the renowned photographer of Reuters. A short basic photography workshop was conducted by Saud Al Faisal on the second day of the exhibition. On the third and final day, "Photo Adda" was held where anyone could walk in with their photos and get critiqued. This session was conducted by Ahmed Sharif and Mishuk Ashraful Awal (Faculty of Patshala). At the closing ceremony on Day 3, names of recipients of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize winners were announced by Azad Noor Ehteshamul, President of AIUB PC. The first prize went to Refayet Zabir, 2nd to Md. Mahatab Hossain and the 3rd to Maztaba Nadim Omio. With a dream to make this an annual event in the upcoming years and with a promise to keep on inspiring the next generation with photography, the members of AIUB PC closed the exhibition with a deep sense of satisfaction, gratitude and lots of memories.

1st Prize Winner: ‘Hang on’ by Refayet Zabir

2nd Prize Winner: ‘Horror’ by Md. Mahtab Hossain
3rd Prize Winner: ‘It’s time to take rest’ by Moztaba Nadim Omio
Followings are some selected photos of the exhibition.
A male Plexippus Paykulli by Chowdhury Farhan Hossain
In search of Drinkable Water by Khondker Nasif Akhter
Jute Worker in Distress by Khondker Nasif Akhter
Making of a Beautiful Tomorrow III
Nouka Baich! by Khondker Nasif Akhter
The World is a playground 2 by Chowdhury Farhan Hossain
Followings are some glimpses of the exhibition.
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