About us:

Office of Probation is responsible for identify students with academic deficiency, which means an undergraduate and graduate student having CGPA below 2.5 . The office monitors the probation students and provides special academic guidance and advising to the students to improve their academic performance. The objective of the Office of Probation is to increase academic consciousness among the students and improve the academic quality and image of American International university-Bangladesh (AIUB).

  1. Identifying the students whose CGPA is below 2.5 in undergraduate and graduate level
  2. Maintaining a database of the probation students, which is the heart of the program
  3. Complete the registration procedure of the students under probation
  4. Informing the guardians of the probation students about their probation status
  5. Implementing the given decision by the Vice Chancellor regarding the suspension, termination or giving another chance of one more semester under academic appeal to improve their CGPA
  6. Preparing probationary record file for each of the probation and warning students
  7. Assigning counselors to the students for special academic counseling
  8. Distributing the probationary files to the counselors to keep the record of the performance of the probation students
  9. Monitoring the performance of the probation students as well as the performance of the counselors
  10. Preparing a statistical report of the probation program for the Vice Chancellor and the Deans of the Different Schools
Guidelines for Probation Students:
  1. Find your name and the counselor’s name to whom you have been assigned to from the Probation Student list that we post in AIUB website in the beginning of the semester.
  2. Go for counseling at least once in every week to your counselor according to the counseling time given next to counselor’s name.
  3. If you have classes during the counseling hours, contact the counselor immediately, and work out for an alternative time.
  4. Please inform your counselor correctly regarding your class performance every week.
  5. If you go to your counselor during the counseling hour, but the counselor is not available, please inform your respected campus office. If this happens more than a week, please inform the Office of Probation immediately.
  6. If you do not go to counseling as per the rule of Probation, the University can take academic action against you.
  7. Counseling is provided to help you out. Therefore, please take advantage of this.

If you have any queries, concerns or questions, please contact your respective campus office as well as the Office of Probation at AIUB Permanent Campus.

  1. Find your name and students name from the list to know which of the probation students are assigned.
  2. Check students information details (guardians name, students name, contact no etc), if you are not able to find information contact with Office of Probation (171 or 174).
  3. Counseling with students for at least once in every week according to the name of the students assigned.
  4. Meeting with parents and informing about students regarding probation procedures as well as students status.
  5. Briefing about “Parental Agreement Form” and take signatures from parents and students.
  6. Meeting with parents once before Mid-Term and once before Final-term, otherwise do not allow students for “Exam Permit Permission” or to sit for exams.
  7. Communicate with Head of Dept. or Director’s or Office of Probation for any further queries or information regarding process or students.
  8. Please be informed that all files of probation students under your supervision must be given to the office of probation after the final exams of every semester.