Office of Sports is responsible for the overall development of sports for American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB).

The Office of Sports promotes sports by creating facilities and opportunities for the students. The office is also responsible for organizing internal tournaments and participate in external ones. It plays a leading role in organizing various Inter-University sporting activities.
The overall activities of the Office of Sports are divided in two major areas of operations:
   Internal Activities:
  • To organize and promote various Intra-University sporting activities and tournaments.
  • To organize, maintain, and develop various sports teams of the University for participating in external tournaments.
  • To maintain and develop sporting facilities for the university community.
  • To introduce and maintain sports scholarships.
  • Any other activities assigned by the university.
   External Activities:
  • To organize various Inter-University sports tournaments.
  • To maintain liaison with different national sports federations and sports departments of various universities.
  • To seek and attract national level players and admit them under sports quota and monitor their academic performance
 Officials of Office of Sports:

Mr. Manzur H Khan
Director, Office of Student Affairs
Email: manzur@aiub.edu
Ext: 121


Mr. Mohammad Rifath Hassan
Junior Executive, Office of Sports
Email: ofsports@aiub.edu
Cell: 01711265131


Office: Sports Complex
American International University-Bangladesh