To build a constructive positive image of AIUB by proper enhancement of internal and external student activities and to maintain effective coordination among student community, administration and academic body of AIUB.


The overall activities of the student affairs department are divided in two major areas of operations.

1. External Activities

  • National & international Competitions
  • Student Exchange Programs
  • Membership
  • Community Service
  • Event Participation
  • Collaboration and Liaison with External Organizations
2. Internal Activities
  • Admission
  • Convocation Ceremony and Graduation Ball
  • Student Orientation
  • Non-academic Counseling for Students
  • Students’ Discipline
  • Student Services and Facilities
  • Student Organizations
  • Students’ Suggestions and Complains
  • Festival Celebration
  • Students’ extra-curricular activities and competitions
  • Scholarships (Extra Curricular Activities)
  • Event Organization
  • Student Volunteers
  • In-campus student events/ campaigns of corporate organizations
Student Organizations:
  • AIUB Oratory Club (AOC)
  • AIUB Drama Club (ADC)
  • AIUB Performing Arts Club (APAC)
  • AIUB Art Club (AAC)
  • AIUB Photography Club (AIUBPC)
  • AIUB Social Welfare Club- Shomoy
  • AIUB Film Club (AFC)
  • AIUB Computer Club (ACC)
  • AIUB Community of Engineering Students (ACES)
  • AIUB Business Club (ABC)
  • AIUB Foreign Student Association (AFSA)
  • AIUB Cricket Team
  • AIUB Football Team
  • IEEE Student Chapter
Students’ Suggestions and Complains Form:

Students can download and fill up the form. Filled forms may be sent through email (osa@aiub.edu) or dropped at the complain and suggestion boxes located at the every campus or at the OSA office, 2nd Floor, Administrative Building, AIUB

Download Complain and suggestion form (Link to the form)

Officials of OSA:


Ms. Nadia Anwar

Founder and Vice President,

Student Affairs, AIUB


Mr. Manzur H Khan


Email: manzur@aiub.edu

Ext: 121


Mr. Ziarat Hossain Khan

Deputy Director

Email: ziarat@aiub.edu

Ext: 130


Abhijit Bhowmik

Special Assistant of OSA, Campus 4

Email: abhijit@aiub.edu


Chowdhury Akram Hossain

Special Assistant of OSA, Campus 2

Email: chowdhury.akram@aiub.edu


Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan

Special Assistant of OSA, Campus 2

Email: saniat@aiub.edu


Shama Islam

Special Assistant of OSA

Email: shama_islam@aiub.edu

Ext: 140


Sharfuddin Mahmood

Special Assistant of OSA, Campus 4

Email: smahmood@aiub.edu


Md. Rakibul Alam [Polok]

Jr. Executive, Office of Student Affairs

Email: polok@aiub.edu

Ext: 234

Officials of Information & Admission:


Md. Emran Hossain

Junior Executive
Admission Information
E-mail: emran_07@aiub.edu
Mobile: 01886566666
Ext: 201
Golam Kashfique Ayaseen
Junior Executive
Admission Information
E-mail: gkayaseen@aiub.edu
Mobile: 01886566666
Ext: 202
Jannatul Ferdous Shanta
Junior Executive
Admission Information
E-mail: jfshanta@aiub.edu
Mobile: 01886566666
Ext: 202
Md. Fazle Rabbi
Junior Executive
Admission Information
E-mail: fzrabbi@aiub.edu
Mobile: 01844115000
Rubana Towhida Newaz
Senior Executive
E-mail: rubana@aiub.edu
Ext: 205

Rajwana Chowdhury
Junior Executive
E-mail: rchowdhury@aiub.edu
Ext: 205

Md. Ashfak Ul Islam Chowdhury
Junior Executive
E-mail: ashfak@aiub.edu
Ext: 205

Shanta Islam
Junior Executive
E-mail: shanta@aiub.edu
Ext: 205

Email: osa@aiub.edu Office Address:  Office of Student Affairs: Level 3, Building C, AIUB