Successful staging of “AIUB BORSHO-BORON RALLY 1417”

On Pohela Boishakh, 1417 (April 14, 2010) when AIUB celebrated the Bengali New Year with “AIUB BORSHO-BORON RALLY 1417” -- it was a Sea of Color all around along with festivity in the air and enthusiasm in the minds of the participants.  The spontaneous, cheerful participation of students, faculties, officials and general people was truly commendable. Everyone danced… sang…and even cheered & waved the brightly colored masks…with echoes of slogans in their voices to welcome the Bangla New Year with high hopes and excitement.  The jubilant crowd proceeded through the main street to the Mela venue at Banani Club Field. Among others the Vice President of Student Affairs, Ms. Nadia Anwar, Director Student Affairs, Mr. Manzur H. Khan, and Coordinator of Architecture Department Mr. Arefeen Ibrahim joined the rally. The long procession of colorful masks of huge snakes, traditional clay-dolls, giant multi-colored owls, life like replicas of bees and fish caught the attention of the passers by and almost everyone stopped to get a glimpse of the rally. The atmosphere was so infectious that a few onlookers followed the procession while others stopped to pose a snap or two with the rally.Architecture Department wishes to extend its wholehearted thanks and gratitude to the students and teachers who worked tirelessly for the preparation of the rally, along with the officials and teachers who took part and encouraged the students. Last but not the least our thanks goes out to the University Administration for extending their support that enabled us to successfully organize and stage a rally of such magnitude.