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Team Rapture from AIUB, as you might already know, became the National Champion of the very first Imagine Cup 2011 Champion. Within few days, they are going to participate in the world final of the competition in New York, USA. They will be representing our university and our country. They have already proved, our university is the best in terms of technology in this country, now it's our turn to prove it in front of the world. Let us wish the very best for them to make a brand new glorious history for Bangladesh.

To vote go to this page for instrustions on how to vote, continue reading.

People's Choice Award

What is People's Choice Award

During this intervening time before New York, champions of all countries a going through another competition called "People's Choice Award", each team had to make an one minute video describing the overview of their Imagine Cup Project, and the championship of that team or that country solely depends on the votes from people. So, as a student of AIUB, they made us proud now it's our turn to make the whole country proud by giving our valuable vote for them and bring the award in the soil of Bangladesh and in the campus of AIUB.

Let's be a part of the history

Voting Procedure

Folow these easy steps to vote for Bangladesh.

Step 1: Navigate To

Goto People's Choice Award Page for Bangladesh
(if it does not work then goto this page)

Preview Image

The video will appear. This is the video that the team made for this competition.

Step 2: Enter CAPTCHA and Click Like

Look carefully the message "Voting functionality will appear shortly..." will change and you will see a CAPTCHA, you need to enter the text you see in the text box below.

Click on the 'Like' button after you enter the CAPTCHA text. this will take you to this page.

Step 3: Sign In using your favorite account

You can use your Facebook, Windows Live (Hotmail, Live), Yahoo, Gmail & Twitter Account to vote for Bangladesh.

Example: Lets do it using Facebook

Lets click on Facebook Logo to cast your vote using your facebook account.
You will be asked to log in to your facebook account if you are not logged in already.

Once you log onto your Facebook account, you will see this screen.

Click Allow to cast the vote using your Facebook account.

Example: Vote using Gmail Account

If you click on the GMail icon, you will be prompted to log into your Gmail account like this.

After logging in, you have to click the Grant Access button to complete votting using your Gmail account.

Congratulation! You are done!

Congratulation, whatever account you use to vote, you will see this screen that confirms that the vote has been casted. Thank you!

You can vote from Multiple account. For that you have to close your browser or sign out from that account each time you vote.

Please encourage your friends and family to vote for Bangladesh and make the country proud and be a part of this History!